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‘The Company’ ‘our’ ‘we’ ‘us’ shall mean Classic and Camper Ltd.
‘Employee’ shall mean any employee of the Company, including any driver or Chauffeur employed by the company
‘Hirer’ ‘Client’ shall be deemed to be the person who has signed the hire agreement and responsible for the payment of the hire
‘Party’ shall be deemed to be the Hirers principle guests, other guests, or invitees

  1. In making part or full payment and completion of the Booking Form, the Client confirms they have read these Terms and Conditions, understands them, accept them in full and without exception, and agree to be bound by them.
  2. A current debit/credit card must be on file from the time of booking until the completion of the hire.
    Failure to provide current card details at all times may result in the cancellation of the booking.
    Bookings/payments are not transferable from one person to another.

Viewing the vehicles at our private premises is by appointment only. You agree and confirm that the Company and its employees will not be held liable for damage, accident, or other experience to you or any member of your party or property. You and all members of your party, when attending viewings, do so entirely at your own risk. Any damage to the Company’s property or its vehicles caused by those attending the viewing will be liable for all repair/cleaning costs and subsequent business loss. Toddlers/Children accompanying adults for viewings must be kept under control at all times, never left alone at any time, are not permitted to enter or exit vehicles without a member of Classic and Camper Ltd staff present, or to wander around the garage/property alone. Any child not kept under control will be asked to leave along with their party. The accompanying adult of any child causing damage to The Companies property, howsoever caused, will be liable for all repair/cleaning costs and subsequent loss of business. No consideration will be made for any claims by those viewing for injury or any other resulting losses. Due to the nature of the premises and its contents, we strongly discourage and advise that children do not attend viewings.

  1. QUOTATIONSAre in accordance with the details provided and valid for seven days.

    Standard Hire Charge Includes: A total of three hours hire; one trip from collection address to ceremony location; onward travel to the reception venue. Vehicle(s), Chauffeur (s), valeting, Standard livery, travelling time, and all mileage and fuel costs from our base and return. Single Venue Wedding: As per Standard Hire Charge, accept no onward travel following the ceremony but offer a short leisurely drive for the bride and groom within the three hours of hire.

Additional Charges: Items not included in the Standard Hire Charge are by prior arrangement only and subject to Vehicle (s) and Chauffeur (s) availability and incur additional charges per vehicle. Rates charged will be those in force at the time the additions/changes are made.

Additional Trips To Ceremony Venue: Are priced per trip & according to distance & vehicle.

Additional Time – Pre-Booked: Calculated in ONE HOUR UNITS OR PART THEREOF. The rate increases after 18.00hrs and again after Midnight. Charges for extra time subsequently not required on the date of hire are non-refundable.

Overtime Charge: Calculated in ONE HOUR UNITS OR PART THEREOF at a higher rate than pre-booked time. The hourly rate increases after 18.00hrs and again after Midnight.
Where a hire extends beyond the agreed period of hire, for whatever reason, overtime charges will apply and subject to vehicle(s)and chauffeur(s)availability. The Chauffeur (s) is at liberty to leave at the Hire Finish Time as set out in the Booking Form and Booking Confirmation regardless of whether the itinerary has been fulfilled. If it is determined by the Chauffeur (s) that the Hire Finish Time cannot complete the remainder of the itinerary, and the chauffeurs(s) and/or vehicle are committed elsewhere and/or payment to extend the period of hire has not been met, the Chauffeur (s) will be at liberty to leave. The Company will not provide any refund for such eventualities. Claims for reimbursement or compensation will not be made or accepted.

If overtime can be accommodated, payment will be debited to the Hirers card details on file immediately. Should the payment transaction fail, the vehicles(s) will depart. Cheques are not accepted nor payment at the end of the new agreed hire period.
The Company assumes no responsibility, nor does it provide any guarantees whatsoever for ensuring that the Hirer or members of their party arrive at destinations on time. It is entirely the responsibility of the Hirer to determine whether the vehicle has been hired for a period sufficient to cover eventualities such as, but not limited to, traffic accidents, roadworks, events, and peak traffic periods. Also, the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the hire commences at a time that allows for such eventualities.

Administration Charge:
Classic and Camper Ltd reserve the right to make an administration charge if repeated changes are made to the original booking. If we are able to accept amendments within three weeks of the hire date, an administration charge will apply. Payment will be due immediately for all changes made 60 days or less prior to the date of hire. Any variations to the agreed contract must be agreed with Classic and Camper Ltd and subject to availability.

Discounted Rates/Special Offers: Additional conditions may apply and will be displayed alongside the offer. If the Hirer changes the agreed booking, the discounted rate will be forfeited, and the hire charge will be that in force when the changes are made. Any shortfall in the deposit must be paid in full. Discounts applied to a multiple vehicle booking will no longer apply should a vehicle or vehicles be subsequently cancelled. The deposit for the cancelled vehicle will be forfeited, and cancellation charges will apply. Current hire rates will be applied to the remaining vehicle (s.)

Parking Fines, Parking Charges, Parking Permits, and Toll Charges at locations as advised in the itinerary are the responsibility of the Hirer. If permission is required to enter and/or park at any location/address, evidence that permission has been granted must be provided to us in advance of the date of travel.

Chargeback On Payments: The recipient of your payment & all subsequent payments will appear on your bank/card statement as ARRIVALS. You will be provided with dates on which all payments must be settled by and the name of the recipient of your payment. A cancelled payment must be reinstated in full, including an administration charge of £40.00 plus any other costs incurred within 48 hours; otherwise, your booking is at risk of cancellation, and the payment will still be due. A cancelled payment can only be settled by bank transfer.

  1. RESERVATION DEPOSITThe Reservation Deposit secures a specific hire date and initial administration costs. The Client must provide their card details to set up the booking, but payment will not be debited until we receive the completed Booking Form. The Client does not have a right to a reserved vehicle until both the Reservation Deposit payment & completed Booking Form (see point 7) have been received. Reservation Deposits are non-refundable.
    – 1/3 of the total hire charge
    Hire date within 120 days: 2/3 of the total hire charge
    Hire date within 60 days: Full Booking Fee due
    No Cancellation policy applies to any booking received up to 120 days before the date of hire and subsequently cancelled. Outstanding balance in full will be due.
    Classic and Camper Ltd does not apply to services whereby a specific date is required for the service to be provided.
    Accepted methods of payment: credit/debit card or cash.
  2. CHANGING THE VEHICLE OR DATE OF HIRE Payments are not transferable to another vehicle or date, and any of these changes will be deemed as a cancelled booking. The reservation deposit will be forfeited, and cancellation charges will apply.

Upon reservation, the Hirer is responsible for ensuring safe delivery to us of the completed Booking Form within 48 hours, upon receipt of which the appropriate payment will be debited immediately to the Hirers card. The Booking Form must be received within 48 hours. Otherwise, it will be deemed that the booking is no longer required, and the vehicle (s) will be available to any other enquiry/booking. The Hirer accepts that it is not the responsibility for Classic and Camper Ltd to issue reminders to return the Form. The Hirer must ensure that we are fully aware if there is more than one ceremony and full details must be included in the Booking Form. Two ceremonies are charged extra regardless of their locations.
BOOKING CONFIRMATION: We will provide written confirmation of a booking within ten days of receipt of the completed Booking Form. If Booking Confirmation is not received, the Hirer must assume that we have not received the Booking Form, and therefore, the itinerary is not confirmed and cannot be carried out by us.
The Client is advised in advance of the charges for any additional items not included in their quotation. The final Hire Charge will be in accordance with the details provided in the Booking Form and remains adjustable for any future changes made by the Hirer. If the Hirer reduces the total base to base mileage, the agreed and accepted quote will not alter.
We do not guarantee to be able to accept changes following acceptance of the initially agreed to hire details. The Chauffeur will not carry out any trips or stop at any locations not included in the approved Booking Confirmation. Alterations/amendments/additions will not be accepted within 14 days of the hire date.
The Company reserve the right to adjust the agreed hire charge if subject to significant increases in fuel costs or V.A.T. increases. The Hirer accepts that an additional fee may become necessary when booking ahead.


The outstanding balance will be due in two equal stage payments before the date of hire. The first at 120 days and the second at 60 days. If the first payment date has already passed at the time of booking, the amount due will be added to the Reservation Deposit and due immediately upon booking.
Payments will be debited automatically to the card details provided by the Hirer at the time of reservation, on or just before the due dates as advised. If the card is declined or reached its expiration date before the due dates, the Hirer must supply new card details. Balance payments can be paid at any time but not later than the due dates. Therefore the Client agrees to pay their full balance payment(s) on or before the due date(s) and accept it is not the responsibility for Classic and Camper Ltd to remind them. Non-receipt of the full balance by the final due date(s) will incur an administration charge of £20 for each late payment should we need to send more than one courtesy reminder.
At 46 days before the date of hire, no service will be provided for accounts not paid in full unless the Client has advised us before the final due date(s) and a later payment date has been mutually agreed—Classic and Camper Ltd reserve the right to re-book the vehicle (s) to other clients. The deposit and any payments on account are non-refundable. The outstanding balance and any accrued administration charges will still be due in full.
To re-setup the booking – subject to time permitting and availability and by 21 days of the hire date at the latest. A re-set up charge of £30.00 will apply. The remaining balance, administration fee’s (if accrued) and re-setup charge will be due for immediate settlement before the booking can be re-setup. Accepted methods of payment: credit/debit card or cash.


The Hire Start Time is the time the Hirer requests the arrival of the vehicle (s) at the first address. Ample time is allowed for the journey from our base. However, it is impossible to know what may be encountered on this journey, and therefore we cannot guarantee to arrive precisely at the time requested.
When the vehicle arrives at the final destination as advised in the itinerary, the driver(s) will be free to leave. This may be earlier than the Finish Time advised. If photos with the vehicle (s) are required, please ensure these are taken on arrival; otherwise, the vehicle (s) will depart. Single Venue Ceremony & Reception: If you have requested car(s) to wait for photos is after the ceremony, please ensure these are taken before the rest of your photo’s otherwise, the vehicle (s) will depart. In all instances, photographs are time permitting. Vehicles will leave by the HIRE FINISH TIME at the latest.


Passengers should make themselves available at the requested time. The Chauffeur will not be responsible to search for passengers. If, after an adequate period of waiting, passengers have not made themselves known to the Chauffeur, the vehicle will leave.
No refund will be due. A claim for reimbursement or compensation will not be made or accepted.


The Hirer should ensure that adequate access, turnaround, and exit for the vehicle (s) are available at all addresses to be attended. Where the access is restricted in any way, the driver will stop at the closest point possible, regardless of distance. The Company must be informed at the time of booking if roads or driveways to locations requested are unmade. Chauffeur(s) will be at liberty to refuse passing over an unmade road, driveway, grass, or field if there are concerns that damage may be caused to the vehicle or that the vehicle may become grounded. The drivers or Company’s decision will be final.


Passengers must be ready to leave on time. A vehicle can only wait by prior arrangement, availability and time permitting. Overtime (no prior agreement) will be charged in FULL ONE HOUR units.


Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged18 years or older for all journeys. Children must behave and remain seated at all times. We do not allow child seats of any kind to be fitted in any of our vehicles. We are unable to transport children who have not reached their 3rd birthday on the date of travel. Children over three years old are legally allowed to travel in the back seat without child restraints. If the Chauffeur suspects that a child is under three years old and proof cannot be provided of the child’s date of birth, the Chauffeur will refuse to carry the child. Children are not permitted to travel on the lap of another passenger.

    a) The Company will not be held responsible for failure to provide the required service if caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control such as but not limited to adverse weather conditions, significant traffic hold-ups, mechanical breakdown, punctured tyre, accidents, roadworks or client delays.
    b) Any appointment times provided by the Hirer will be for information only and do not form part of any agreement or contract.
    c) The Company shall not be responsible for appointments being missed, cancelled, or commencing later than scheduled due to parties departing late or not allowing sufficient journey time, incorrectly advised timings, incomplete address details, traffic congestion, accident, poor weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond our control.
    d) Routes are planned, and the most direct routes will be taken, avoiding motorways wherever possible. We are not responsible for having prior knowledge of busy locations, roadworks, level crossings, traffic lights, events, incidents, accidents, or traffic problems, which may cause a delay. Should the Hirer wish an alternative route be taken, this must be advised and agreed upon ahead of the hire date. The Hirer or any member of their party should not request that the driver deviates from the planned route during the hire period if not previously arranged. The driver will not be obliged to accommodate such a request. The Company shall not be responsible for any delays or the driver(s) being unfamiliar with the route as a result of a change of the planned route by the Hirer or member of their party. Any changes to the proposed route, whether in advance or on the date of hire, will be entirely at the risk of the Hirer.
    e) The Hirer accepts that in-car entertainment such as video, television screens, DVDs, light shows, etc. is provided as a courtesy, and its use and/or availability does not form part of the hire. If any equipment malfunctions before or during the hire, the Company accepts no liability whatsoever, and no compensation shall be provided in such instances, nor shall we accept any claims for any form of a refund.
    f) The Company if requested, will offer advice in good faith and does not form part of any contract. We do not accept any responsibility for advice, guidance, or opinion given, which may be inaccurate.
    g) The Hirer must satisfy him/herself and is responsible for ensuring that all details provided in the Booking Form are accurate, and timings are adequate for the itinerary contained therein.
    h)The Chauffeur will have the right to refuse entry into any vehicle in his charge to any person who is, or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Offensive or abusive behavior directed at the Chauffeur (s) and/or vehicle (s) by the Hirer or member of the Hirers party or their guests will result in the withdrawal of hire. The Chauffeur’s decision is final. Any claim for refunds or compensation will not be made or accepted.

It is understood and expressly accepted by the Hirer that due to their age, vintage & classic vehicles are notoriously and inherently unpredictable, do not have the benefit of modern technology and precision engineering and there is an increased risk of mechanical failure or temporary failure. The Proprietor is unable to accept liability for delays, missed appointments, or failure to provide the required service if caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Such as but not limited to breakdown, punctured tyre, temporary failure of the vehicle, accident, or the withdrawal of vehicle (s) occurring prior to or within the agreed hire period. A claim for refund/compensation will not be made or accepted. Any reimbursement will be limited to, and shall not exceed monies received and proportionate taking into account vehicle substitute, journeys completed or partly carried out, administration, and other expenses already expended. Our vehicles are subject to a program of on-going maintenance, but parts are not available ‘off the shelf.’ We cannot and do not guarantee the performance of any vehicle or to supply vehicles as booked. Should a booked vehicle become unavailable, the Client will be offered an alternative vehicle if available or a refund for that vehicle. If more than one vehicle is booked, the remainder of the contract remains unaffected & no refund will be offered or due. If contact cannot be made, the Proprietor reserve the right & shall determine if a vehicle will be substituted or refund issued. In the event of breakdown/accident or other reason beyond our control on the date of travel, and after the vehicle has left its base (an emergency situation), the proprietor reserve the right to provide a substitute vehicle if available. If time allows, this substitution will take place, and without consultation with the Hirer, but is unlikely to be able to arrive at the scheduled time. It is understood that a substitute vehicle may not be possible due to distance and time constraints; the further the location from our base, the less likely this will be. In all instances, the Hirer accepts that each of our vehicles is unique, and a substitution will NOT be the same as that booked. In the case of camper vans, if no other campervan is available, the substitute vehicle will be a car, and the Hirer accepts and agrees to this. We will not be responsible for organising transport from a third party.
“Non-performance” of the required service by the Company will be determined at the absolute discretion of the Company. Monies already paid with regard to the specific hire will be refunded. No consideration will be made for any claims for any other resulting losses. Delays whilst in transit from our base and/or between pick-up points and destinations, client delays, or other circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as but not limited to adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, accidents, roadworks will not be deemed to be the Company’s responsibility or classified as non-performance of the required service.
The Hirer should have in place their backup travel arrangements.


    The Hirer expressly accepts upon booking that in the event of adverse weather conditions resulting in hazardous driving and road conditions, The Company shall consider without compromise the safety of its passengers, Chauffeur, Vehicle and other road users.
    We reserve the right to cancel the booking or replace the vehicle with one better equipped to cope with conditions if available. The Company does not accept responsibility for vehicle breakdown, delays, or the withdrawal of vehicles prior to or within the hire period due to severe weather conditions. Reimbursement will be entirely at our discretion, limited to and shall not exceed monies received and will be proportionate taking into account any journeys completed or partly carried out, administration, and other expenses already expended. However, the reservation deposit/s would not be included in any refund as extreme weather conditions would be considered an unforeseen act of god outside of our control and administration and other expenses already expended will still need to be met.
    The Hirer should have in place their backup travel arrangements and appropriate wedding insurance cover for weddings taking place during the winter period to cover for weather-related problems. Claims for reimbursement will not be made or accepted.

The Hirer shall be entirely responsible and liable for any damage to the vehicles(s)and its contents by The Hirer or any member of their party, howsoever caused. The Hirer’s liability also includes incitement to any third party, which results in damage. The Hirer agrees to be liable for the total retail cost of the repair, and the Company will determine the location of the repairer. Also, The Hirer will be responsible for paying the Company a fixed daily rate (determined by the Company) while the vehicle is out of commission for such repairs, plus any further incurred losses such as lost bookings.
The Hirer or any member of their party must not put their feet on the seats of the vehicle or use feet to push open doors. Neither will they use the vehicle’s carpets or over rugs to clean shoes. Unreasonable soiling to the car, including, but not limited to, excessive confetti, mud, shoe polish, and illness, will be the responsibility of the Hirer. The minimum valeting cost will be £50.00, and if required, a sanitation fee is £150.00.
The Hirer expressly accepts that, except in cases of emergency, only the Chauffeur may open and close vehicle doors. This rule is a safety precaution to minimise the risk of accidents and damage to the vehicle. The Hirer will be liable for any doors opened by passengers resulting in damage to the vehicle.
No items will be tied to the vehicle. No writing or stickers will be permitted on the vehicle.
Champagne must not be uncorked inside any vehicle.
The Hirer assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. In all cases of damage to the vehicle (s), the amount as detailed will be debited with immediate effect to the card details supplied and held on file.


The maximum number of passengers for each vehicle is shown next to each vehicle on this website and shall not be exceeded. Passenger size and weight will determine the maximum number of passengers. If the driver decides the car is overloaded, regardless of whether seats remain vacant, he will be at liberty to reduce the number of passengers permitted. Damage caused to the vehicle by excessive single or multiple passenger weight will be charged to the Hirer.


The boot or luggage trunks of the vehicles are small and are not available for client use. Every effort is made to ensure against damage to or loss of property of the Hirer or any member of their party or guests travelling in our vehicles. Still, the Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all articles are removed from the vehicle at the termination of the hire period to include rubbish, i.e., water bottles, tissues. The vehicle will not return with left items which should be collected from our office before disposal within 14 days. It is the responsibility of The Hirer that any member of their party or their guests to ensure that clothing/property is kept away from the car body, tyres, exhaust pipes, door shuts, locks and hinges, and any vehicle part requiring oil or lubricant. The Company will not be held responsible for damage to clothing or property.


The deliberate throwing of confetti/rice/lavender directly inside or over the vehicle is prohibited. Any damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle through wet confetti or excessive confetti/rice/lavender will be the responsibility of the Hirer. Extra time spent on the removal of such or any items that were deliberately thrown inside or over the vehicle will result in the Hirer being charged for cleaning.


Irresponsible behaviour, which could give rise to damage to the vehicle or endanger the safety of the passengers, will not be tolerated in any form. This includes, but is not restricted to, sitting on the exterior of the vehicle, hanging out of the windows, shouting abuse to other road users or pedestrians out of the window. Rudeness or intolerance with the Chauffeur, misuse of the equipment, fixtures or consumables within the vehicle, and wilful damage to the vehicle generally, such behaviour may, at the sole discretion of the Chauffeur, the Company or its employees, result in the immediate termination of the hire without compensation. Also, the Hirer shall be held liable and responsible for any losses, howsoever caused, by his or her party’s behaviour. All persons to be carried must remain seated at all times, and if seatbelts are fitted, they have to be worn by the law. Any claim for personal injury sustained due to not wearing seatbelts where provided will not be accepted. The Hirer acknowledges that many of our vehicles are of an age whereby they do not have seat belts fitted. These vehicles, by law, do not require them.


The Hirer reserves the right to cancel a booking, and cancellations must be received in writing from the Hirer. Telephone cancellations or cancellations by a third party will not be accepted. The Hirer will receive written confirmation of the cancellation within seven days. The Hirer must inform Classic and Camper Ltd if, within seven days of the date the cancellation is made, they have not received our letter or an email confirming the cancellation. The Hirer must not automatically assume their cancellation request has been received and actioned.
Cancellation charges will apply in all circumstances and debited to the Hirers card details on file immediately upon cancellation.


Up to 120 days Notice: Outstanding balance in full will be due and payable with seven days of Classic and Camper Ltd accepting the cancellation request.
More than 120 days Notice: 50% of the outstanding balance will be due and payable with seven days of Classic and Camper Ltd accepting the cancellation request.
‘No Cancellation Policy’ applies to bookings received up to 120 days before the date of hire and subsequently cancelled. Outstanding balance in full will be due.
Cancellation of a booking is not deemed to be accepted until cancellation fees or balance payment (whichever is applicable), and any accrued charges are paid in full. Payments on account will not be used instead of cancellation fees due.
The Company reserve the right to cancel a booking at any time and for any reason and without explanation and limits its liability to monies received.

  2. a) The Company reserve the right to amend its hire rates and to amend or terminate any discounted offers without prior notice.
    b) To maintain standards The Company reserve the right to change the exterior colour and interior material/colour, and to withdraw and/or replace any vehicle from service at any time. The Hirer, if affected, will be informed of the changes or the withdrawal of the vehicle.
    c) We cannot guarantee that vehicles colours are reproduced accurately on-screen, and this may differ between devices. Clients should satisfy themselves that all aspects of the vehicle (s), including colour and size, are suitable for their needs prior to booking.
    d) The Vehicle (s) booked will be fully valeted and dressed with ribbons. Silk flower arrangements will be provided if the vehicle has a rear parcel shelf. Chauffeurs will be dressed appropriately. Chauffeurs will perform their duties in a helpful, polite, and courteous manner. All bookings will be treated in a helpful, courteous and respectful manner by all staff of Classic and Camper Ltd.
    e) Eating/drinking/smoking/uncorking is not permitted inside any vehicle.
    f) From time to time, photographs of our vehicles during a wedding are taken. These may be used on our websites, Social Media, or in printed matter and may contain images of the bride, groom, and other members of the wedding party. The client grants permission for these to be displayed unless we are advised prior to the wedding day that the Client does not wish this. Any charges which become due will be debited without notice to the Hirers card on file.

In the unlikely event of a complaint or claim, this must be in writing from the Hirer within 14 days from the date of hire. Applications for personal injury sustained due to not wearing seatbelts where provided will not be accepted. Refunds will be issued within 28 days


Malicious and/or untrue events posted on social networking sites or review sites are discouraged. To tarnish our reputation and good name online or through any other medium would be inappropriate and libellous and will be vigorously defended


    It is a criminal offense for wedding car hire companies who do not hold a Liquor License to provide Champagne (alcohol) even if supplied free of charge.
    We do not hold a Liquor License and, therefore, cannot provide alcohol.
    Your custom is very important, but we will not break the law to gain your booking.

Classic and Camper Ltd reserve the right to amend its Terms and Conditions of Booking from time to time, and any such changes will be available on this website or by post if requested.